Matt Brubeck

26 Oct 2012

Congratulations on IE10: from Mozilla with cake

“Congratulations on shipping! Love, the IE team”

Back when Firefox 2 was released (six years ago this week!), the Internet Explorer team started a friendly tradition of sending Mozilla a cake as congratulations. This continued for Firefox 3 and Firefox 4. After Firefox switched from major releases once or twice a year to incremental updates every six weeks, they sent us a cupcake for the next few updates instead. :)

I thought it would be fun to revive the tradition by ordering a cake for the IE team for the IE10 release today. Here it is right after I picked it up from Baked Custom Cakes, with a Firefox logo in painted fondant:

“Congratulations on IE10! Love, Mozilla”

Fellow Mozilla developer Eitan Isaacson drove with my wife Sarah and me to Microsoft Building 50 in Redmond, where program manager Jacob Rossi helped us deliver the cake to a group of IE team members:

Photo: IE team members and two Mozilla developers gather around the
    IE10 cake in Microsoft Building 50

That's me on the left and Eitan on the right in Firefox hoodies.

The IE team posted their thanks through their official Twitter account. (As you can see from their picture, the bottom border of the cake was slightly restyled in transit.) Just 30 minutes later, Michael Bolan tweeted that the cake was gone. I hear the sugary Firefox logo was eaten soon after.

So congratulations to the Internet Explorer team on your latest release, and we hope you enjoyed the cake!