Matt Brubeck

30 Apr 2010

Fennec on Android: user feedback and next steps

Last month I joined Mozilla as a UI engineer on the Fennec (Mobile Firefox) project. Firefox is already available for Nokia’s Maemo platform, and now a group of Mozilla programmers are porting it to Android. This Tuesday they asked for feedback on an early preview build.

Until now, the only people working on Firefox for Android were back-end (platform) developers. This week was the first time most other people – including me – got to try it out. We front-end developers and designers are now starting to adapt the user interface to Android. For now it uses the look and feel of Firefox for Maemo.

Because we are an open source project, we like to share our work even at this early stage of development. While I wasn’t directly involved in the Android development effort, I spent some of my spare time this week talking to users via Twitter and our Android feedback group. Here’s what I heard, in rough order of importance to users, plus some information on our future plans.1

We don’t have a regular schedule yet for releasing new builds on Android. Once we get the code merged and automated build servers configured, we’ll publish nightly builds of Firefox for Android alongside our Maemo and desktop nightlies. Later this year we will have alpha and beta versions, and with luck a stable release. Until then, you can follow @MozMobile or Vlad (@vvuk) to hear about any new previews.

  1. Please remember I am still new to the project, and cannot speak for the whole team. This is a personal blog, not a Firefox roadmap!